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About Us


Columbus Foam Products was established in 1988 to service the growing demand for fabricated cellular foam cushioning products used primarily in the bedding and furniture industries. As technology within the foam industry evolved, CFP expanded into the areas of athletic equipment, foam liners, medical specification cushioning & matting, engineered protective foams, & dock seal equipment.

We provide custom fabrication of these materials through various cutting technologies and bonding methods. We are proud to serve a variety of agencies and commercial industries such as the following: the Education Industry, the Medical Industry, the Athletic Industries, the Packaging Industry and other commercial markets. We manufacture and ship directly from our plant that is located conveniently off Interstate 71 located in Westerville, Ohio. Our manufacturing equipment is capable of producing and fabricating most non-molded or extruded foam parts. We can use a customer provided hand drawing or CAD files to initiate the production process.


Columbus Foam Products has been a major manufacturer of OEM products for clients over the past 25 years. Due to the rapid growth of the athletic market, the organization has expanded and has now increased focus on a broad breadth of athletic solutions as well as dock equipment. We assemble and manufacture every product here on site and use as many American Made materials as possible. We strive for quality and perfection, while understanding the importance of providing value for our customers. That is why we sew every stitch and assemble each product in our modern, 75,000- square -foot manufacturing facility located conveniently off of interstate I-71 in Westerville, Ohio. It ensures that things are done the CFP way, which is the right way. All products have a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship. 

Each product manufactured is given the highest care and attention to detail, which reflects on the quality of our products. We understand that in this economy it is difficult to find a job and that is another reason why we strive to use American made materials so that we can keep everything here in the U.S., so that we can do our part to keep America working. The more products and materials that are made and purchased in the United States means that more of our family, friends, and loved ones can make a living for themselves. The first step to keeping our country moving forward and growing is to bring back manufacturing jobs and that is why we stand by our pledge to make our products here in the United States rather than outsourcing our work to other countries. These are just a few reasons that has allowed us to grow our business and continue to employ people


Our experience and product knowledge allow us to go above and beyond the competition when it comes to fulfilling our number one goal, which is serving the needs and best interest of our customers. CFP manufactures products that are available in the following categories: Dock Seals, Fitness Training, General Matting, Sports Padding, Gymnasium Padding, and Track & Field. If you need a special or custom design, we can do that as well. Many of the competitors in this market buy their products from overseas and mark up the price quite significantly, then turns around and sells the product to the end user. Our products are manufactured and assembled here in the United States and that is why we take pride in all of our products. These reasons alone are why we will do our best to match any of our competitors on prices with products created from the same materials. We strive for quality and perfection not only from our employees, but our products as well. Let CFP be the solution for your foam application and padding needs. Please contact us for questions or help in customizing your request. Catalogs are available upon request.

By providing design solutions and product alternatives, Columbus Foam Products has grown to become a leader in the industry, manufacturing more than 80 percent of its orders to customer specific needs.

CFP can produce a large variety of foam products, including but not limited to the following:

  • Athletic Equipment

  • Cushioning

  • Dock Seals

  • Engineered Protective Foams

  • Decorative Foam

  • Custom Jobs

Since the inception of the CFP in 1988, it has been our goal to produce a wide range of products using high quality foam material. In an industry that is considered by many to be antiquated, we have made a successful transformation several years ago into a diversified equipment/parts and services company. It is our vision for the future that Columbus Foam Products becomes your supplier of choice.

Customer Service & Sales

The customer service & sales staff here at Columbus Foam has the knowledge and practical experience to understand its customers' needs and identify the right type of foam for their specific applications.

What differentiates Columbus Foam Products from many other companies in its industry is the ability to make quick decisions and act on them immediately while remaining efficient. Each customer gets that “personalized touch” with every order.

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